E-bike For The Water

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Stay safe with our return-to-shore feature in case of bad weather or emergencies

The Handle

VISION Paddleboard

Improved paddleboard design built as a platform for upgrades

The Blades

VIBE Attachments

Customize your Vision paddleboard to capture whatever Vibe you’re chasing

The Playground


Dive into the experience without commitment. The Playground lets you test our gear in real-world settings, ensuring it’s the perfect fit before making it yours

The Crew

VIP Quests

As a subscriber, you can access any Village rental location, paddleboard courses, exclusive events, and product discounts. Think of it as "Peloton on the water" – the ultimate membership for adventure and wellness

  • Propulsion System

    Our electric drive system magnetically mounts and charges on the stern, replacing the fin. Control it with the paddle-grip or app for versatile functions: drive unit, paddle-assist, or virtual anchor. Detach it for personal underwater propulsion using the built-in trigger on the housing arms. Ideal for enhanced mobility and convenience on the water.

  • Propulsion System Remote V1

    Drive unit includes our wireless Bluetooth grip. Replace the original paddle grip to control motor speed and direction seamlessly. Dual motor controls and a programmable button for course or location hold.

  • Propulsion System Remote V2

    The Bluetooth app does everything the paddle remote can and more. Chart a course, view battery life, distance traveled, and more for complete control and tracking.