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VQ VISION Pre-order

VQ VISION Pre-order

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Pre-order the VQ VISION Paddleboard Today!

Be among the first to experience the revolutionary VQ VISION paddleboard by placing your pre-order now! As a pre-order customer, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

  • Early Access: Get your hands on the VQ VISION paddleboard before it hits the market.
  • Special Discount: Enjoy a 25% discount on the retail price by placing a $50 refundable deposit.
  • Additional Discounts: Refer three friends who place a pre-order and receive an extra 10% off, up to a total of 20% in additional savings.
  • VIP Status: Gain access to exclusive updates, early product previews, and special promotions.

VQ VISION Paddleboard Overview:

The VQ VISION paddleboard is designed for adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts who crave innovation and versatility. Here’s what makes the VQ VISION paddleboard stand out:

  • Unique Design: It combines a rigid middle section with an inflatable bow and stern for the optimal stability of a rigid board and the portability of an inflatable board.
  • Lowered & Transparent Standing Section: Features a transparent sunken standing platform, lowering the user's center of gravity, drastically improving balance and providing an unparalleled underwater viewing experience.
  • Modular Attachments: Customize your paddleboard with VIBE attachments, including:
    • Electric Drive Unit: Provides paddle assistance and underwater scooter capabilities
    • Air Tube Dive System: Enables no-certification underwater breathing
    • Backrest/Bench Attachment: Enhances comfort and usability for beach bums and limited mobility users
    • Specialized Add-Ons: Tailored for specific activities such as fishing, yoga, and more
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